4.5 stars on Android Market

Coins and StuffAndroid Market4.5

So many coins & SO much stuff!

An arcade game full of crazy loot and dangers. Test your skills & have fun with 5 different ‘dungeons’ and over 20 achievements!

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Falling down the ‘Dungeon of loot’.
There is no right or wrong way to play the game.
Fall, avoid obstacles.
You can collect everything and go for an epic ‘Death score’ or be slightly less greedy and try for a ‘Life score’.
The life score may not be as high but it takes a lot of skill.

Choose your character
No more just assuming you’re a ‘dude’, girls can fall down loot dungeons too!
Choose from Billi or Milli.

Mr. M
Mr.M leaves boosters for you to add time and if you K.O Mr.M offers you life.
Gee, is that guy nice or what!? but beware sometimes even ‘M’ can’t help you.

The ‘Loot room’
When falling at high speeds its hard to appreciate the actual stuff you collected.
Indulge yourself in the loot room where you can ‘play’ with & see all the stuff you have collected over your games.

Keep to yourself
No spamming peoples face book feeds or twitter blasts with junk no-one cares about.
The only data we see is how awesomely good or bad you are playing our game.

More features
-Cool voice & sound effects.
-Cool music.
-Super responsive controls.
-Options to make the game suit you.

Coming soon
Doors to new ‘dungeons’ filled with new challenges.
Brag badges to confirm how good you really are.
More stuff of course.

Tizen version will be out as soon as the Tizen store is released in 2014.

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